Welcome to our site and for your interest in the McAllen Mayor’s Prayer Committee (MMPC).

The MMPC is a faith-based organization whose membership is comprised of a diverse group of business professionals and volunteers from McAllen, from different faith groups. Members are often asked to lead the group in prayer and will do so in accordance to their respective ministry. The following is information about the organization as related to inception, purpose, election of officers and members, and meeting information.  

Founded by:  Mayor Jack Whetsel
Bylaws:  Adopted January 1972; revisions occurred and adopted March 2002;
To promote greater understanding in our community and to ask for God’s divine guidance in conducting the affairs of our City.
The MMPC meets approximately 8 to 9 months out of the year. The Board’s Annual Meeting is held in April, at which applications for Board membership are reviewed and voted upon; however, new members may be recruited and considered throughout the year, depending on the number of Board members.  
The MMPC meets monthly at noon during an agreed upon day of the week.  
Bylaws allow up to sixteen (16) members.
Board Responsibilities:
The Board is responsible for selecting a Keynote Speaker for the annual McAllen Mayor’s Prayer Luncheon held every Spring (typically in April). Speakers are usually selected based on name recognition, program of work or their spiritual story. The Board generally selects a Speaker whose message promotes inspiration and a sense of unity.  Each Board member is responsible to raise funds for the annual luncheon event, with all dollars going toward program expenses. Board members are encouraged to raise no less than $300.